Planar Transformers

Published May 22, 2023


Planar transformers have many advantages including high power density due to its compact size, smaller winding area, less alternating current winding resistance, and reduced inductance leakage.

There are a wide-range of applications including aerospace operation, electric cars, battery chargers, and DC-DC converters which makes it a valuable component to implement in a project.

Design Criteria, Inc. provides a line of planar and low profile power transformers for high-frequency DC-DC converters – flexible for many applications. Packaging options include surface mount and thru-hole.

For more information on standard or custom products please contact us.

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Current Sense Transformers

Published May 22, 2023


Current sense transformers are primarily used in electric power distribution stations and other generator/power stations because of its propensity to modify secondary alternating current to match primary current.

These components are also used to regulate safety by tracking the amount of current to alert engineers when currents are elevated past safety regulations.

The anatomy of current sense transformers are very similar to other types of transformers. They are commonly comprised of copper wire wrapped around a silicon steel ring.

Design Criteria, Inc. offers a line of current sense transformers in surface mount and thru-hole. Features include:


  • Surface Mount
  • Turns Ratio 100:1
  • Temperature Range: -55°C to 125°C
  • 500VDC Isolation
  • 10 A Peak Primary Current
  • Designed for custom applications


Contact us for more details.

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Common Mode Choke

Published May 19, 2023

Common Mode Chokes are a type of inductor that specialize in simultaneously "choking" high frequencies and passing low frequencies in an electrical circuit.

What differentiates common mode chokes from other types of chokes is that it is used when common-mode signals are implemented.



This type of electrical component is commonly used to reduce two things: noise and radio frequency interference (RFI). It can be found in telecommunication and electrical industries for this purpose.

Design Criteria, Inc. offer several common mode choke designs that meet the requirements for harsh environments.

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Published May 18, 2023

Soldering is a useful skill when working with small-scale projects like circuit boards or jewelry. It is an effective method to merge two objects together using solder material which is commonly composed of lead or tin.

Design Criteria, Inc. will be offering certification classes soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Toroidal Inductors and Transformers

Published May 18, 2023

Toroidal transformers and inductors are one of the most widely utilized electrical components because of its abundance of desired qualities.

These components have an innate capability to increase efficiency, diminish distortion and fringing from occurring, and improve electrical performance due to the windings being in a closed magnetic field and short.

Another advantage comes from its congruous shape because it prevents large amounts of magnetic flux from leaking. This also makes it a desirable component to implement in compact projects.

Toroidal transformers and inductors also use less materials therefore making it lighter when compared to other electrical components.




Several conventional wound inductors are standard products at Design Criteria, Inc. which meet demanding applications such as EMI Filter or Output Inductor for DC-DC Converters.

Contact us for additional information about inductors and transformers.

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Metal Marshmallow Logo 3

Can You Hear That?

Published May 17, 2023

Updated:  May 19, 2023

Metal Marshmallows were created by Michael Krzyzaniak with the initial purpose of creating a reliable contact mic to assist in audio amplification and control for a research project. However, Metal Marshmallow contact mics have since been implemented in copious circumstances and provide designers, engineers, researchers, and musicians with a unique opportunity to take their audio skills to the next level.

Build & Design
Metal Marshmallow Contact Mic
Can you hear that?

Metal Marshmallows are specifically designed to pick up sound waves traveling through solid objects

It has a wide-range of applications from audio amplification to scientific studies

Build & Design
Metal Marshmallow Capabillities
Can you hear that?

With this unique design the possibilities are endless. Marshmallows can pick up minute sounds that are impossible for the human ear to discern.

This video demonstrates how Metal Marshamllows can be used to pick up the sound of snow falling on glass.

Build & Design
Metal Marshmallow Pro
Can you hear that?

The most advanced contact mic to date.

The Metal Marshmallow Pro II has the capability to adjust the gain from 0 to 34 dB, is +48V phantom powered, and is available in a compact, portable size making it easier to transport.

Marshmallow II

Marshmallow Pro

marshmallow white 2
Marshmallow Pro Top view 1


Fixed Gain:

0dB (Green)

14dB (White)

24dB (Red)

33dB (Black)

Adjustable Gain:


0 to 33dB


Internal Rechargeable Battery

48V Phantom Power (must be used with audio equipment that is capable of supplying Phantom Power, not included)

Output Connector

Female Quarter-Inch Jack

Unbalanced Output

Male XLR

Balanced output

Cable Length

6 in (15cm)

6 ft (1.8m)

Sensor Size

39 mm

33 x 23 mm

17 mm tall (not including knob)

30 mm tall ( including knob)

LED Off-Road Lights

Published May 16, 2023

The durability, sustainability, and performance capabilities of lights are vital considerations when making off-road trips. Preventing breakage and ensuring a long-lasting and reliable product is our specialty.

LED Off-Road Lights are a high-powered lighting solution designed for use in rugged environments. They are ideal for a variety of vehicles including ATV's, farm equipment, pickups, and industrial equipment. With their advanced technology, these lights can be controlled remotely via a smartphone, allowing for easy and convenient operation. Whether you're navigating off-road terrain or working in low-light conditions, these LED lights will provide reliable and efficient illumination to help you get the job done.

Dual LED


  • ATV's
  • Farm Equipment
  • Pickups
  • Industrial Equipment

Contact us for more details.

Remote Smart Sensors

Published May 15, 2023


Remote smart sensors are valuable tools and are increasingly becoming used in everyday objects like toothbrushes, children rooms, hotels, homes, cars, and hospitals. It has revolutionized user-interface communication and continues to give us unique opportunities to improve the usability of products.

Smart Sensors provide endless opportunities for technological growth and the idea is exhilarating. The use of smart devices has catapulted in the last couple years. Technological improvements have exceeded all expectations and will continue to do so.

Artificial Intelligence programs and increased robotics research has fostered an interest in the potential collaboration and relationship between machines and humans.

Examples of a remote smart sensor include the following:

  1. A vehicle slowing down because it is too close to traffic
  2. Air-conditioning turning off after a door has been open for a period of time
  3. The screen brightness on a smart phone turning up due to being exposed to high amounts of light


Design Criteria, Inc. can design and manufacture custom remote smart sensors using three methods of IoT (Internet of Things):

  1. Wi-Fi
  2. Cellular devices
  3. Radio signals

Contact us for more information.

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Smart Inventory Management Systems

Published May 15, 2023

Smart Inventory Management Systems improve accuracy of data collection, reduce worktime  by doing manual tasks automatically, and can provide reports. These systems support a wide range of disciplines from theater concession stands to large oil tanks.

Design Criteria, Inc. has developed a system for monitoring the weight of tanks containing liquids or solids. The system reports data to a host computer. We provide additional features to our management systems to further aid in inventory assessment such as:

• Temperature monitor.
• Humidity monitor.
• Leakage monitor.
• Dispensing time.
• NEMA weather proof box for electronics.

Our CO2 Watcher 1 product is designed specifically for restaurants, theaters, sports venues, and other seasonal usage of bulk liquid gases. Among other things, it has 24 hour remote monitoring of tank contents, prevents runouts and emergency refill charges, and verifies accuracy of CO2 billings.


The CO2 Watcher I is an electronic remote monitoring device
that automatically measures the amount of CO2 in a minibulk
tank 24 hours a day and automatically calls a host computer
to report the status of the tank contents. A low-profile base
which is only 1.25 inches high, is inserted under the tank. The
base is connected to a control box using a cable that is attached to
the base. A link to the restaurant’s phone line is the only external
connection the CO2 Watcher I requires. Calling times can be selected
by the user which will minimize phone line interruptions.
Installation of the CO2 Watcher I is transparent and simple and it
does not interrupt or affect the flow of CO2 gas. Usage reports
are generated by the host software. This information can be used
to notify the customer or CO2 supplier that a tank needs refilling
or to verify delivery of liquid CO2. Monitoring services are also
available from Design Criteria, Inc. for a monthly fee.

Bottom Smart Scale

Our KnightWatcher product can accommodate larger tanks, such as sealed oil and grease tanks, and can be more customizable.

KnigthWatcher Smart Contents Monitor Website




The KnightWatcher Smart Contents Monitor Website provides vital tank information in a non-intrusive manner and makes inventory assessment effortless.

For more information about our products visit the link below:


Design Criteria, Inc can design and manufacture custom smart inventory managment systems. Contact us for more details.


Published May 15, 2023

Inductors are electrical components that have wire coiled around it which allows it to hold onto energy in a respective magnetic field. Inductors are often used to help prevent the current from changing whether it is changing the type of current, the direction of current, or the magnitude.

Power supplies, analog circuits, electrical transmission systems, and tuned circuits often use inductors to act as resonators, energy storage devices, and to regulate the current from changing.

Design Criteria, Inc. provides a line of planar and low profile power transformers for high-frequency DC-DC converters – flexible for many applications. Packaging options include surface mount and thru-hole. For more information on standard or custom products please contact us.

Several conventional wound inductors are standard products at Design Criteria, Inc. which meet demanding applications such as EMI Filter or Output Inductor for DC-DC Converters. Contact us for additional information about conventional wound inductors.

Various low profile and planar inductors are available at Design Criteria, Inc. Call us for more details and for any custom application

DCI can design and manufacture custom high current coils. Contact us for more details.


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DC-DC Power Converters

Published May 12, 2023

Power converters have universal applications but are commonly used in the medical field,  military, and in industrial settings.

Careful consideration in the manufacturing of power supplies is vital because of the significance of its capability and the importance of its reliability.

Design Criteria, Inc (DCI) is the only custom military power supply manufacturer to provide exclusive remote health monitoring. Our exclusive AC-DC and DC-DC converters meet the requirements for demanding applications. DCI is ITARS certified. Assemblies are manufactured in accordance with J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610 and / or military specifications.

We develop and manufacture unique DC-DC converters for extreme and demanding applications.

DCI has off-the-shelf products or we can customize a design for your requirements.

Contact us for pricing and availability.

Our Capabilities

  • Design, development, and prototyping
  • High or low voltage power supply
  • High voltage applications for TWTs and Klystrons
  • Minimized corona in high voltage modules
  • Designs for high altitude and harsh environments
  • High power density designs
  • Quality of service designs
  • Digital Controlled Converters
  • High voltage insulation design
  • SPICE simulation
  • Worst case analysis
  • Off-load or turn-key manufacturing
  • Certified assemblers to IPC-A-610D, J-STD-001 and IPC-7711/IPC7721
  • ITAR certificate
  • Off-load testing
DCI can design and manufacture custom DC-DC converters. Contact us for more details.

Advantages of 3-D Printing with Resin

Published May 10, 2023

Among other things, 3-D printing technology has greatly expanded our capacity to create models, products, games, and toys. The applications are virtually endless and the versatility of 3-D printing is intensifying. A variety of 3-D printers and printing material allows us to tailor our product needs to the specific material. Here is why resin is the best material to use when 3-D printing:


1) Captures Fine Detail

Every detail is important and no detail will be missed when resin is used to 3-D print. Resin provides an accurate model.

2) Adaptable

It is important to note that there are many different types of resin which can be used to print. Each material will provide slightly different properties and advantages to the final product. Resin types are an important consideration when printing. The variability of resin material provides a unique advantage to resin printing.

3) Continously Smooth Surface

Resin does a phenomenal job of creating a smooth surface which can be important in many circumstances. It improves the aesthetic of model as well as improving the precision.

4) Sustainable

3-D printing with resin provides a reliable and sturdy product.


3-D printing has revolutionized our ability to create models. Here at Design Criteria we offer 3-D printing services with our Form 3+ resin printer. To find out more about our 3-D printing services click the link below and ask for a quote today.


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