Power Electronics

Developing power electronics for industrial & military       applications.

Coils and Magnetics

We create power magnetics with a wide range of            capabilities.

LED Drivers

Our high power illuminators are unique for military and industrial applications.

  • Do you lack resources for your power supply design?

  • Do you need a power supply with high power?

  • Do you need a compact solution?

  • Do you need USA-made magnetics?

  • Are you searching for a smart remote sensor solution?

  • Or a smart LED power supply?

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We Change Ideas Into Reality

Let us give you peace of mind with our custom designed power supplies, LED drivers, magnetics, or remote sensors.

Innovative Solutions

Design Criteria is an expert in designing and developing products for military and industrial applications.

World Class
Customer Service

Design Criteria, Inc. has developed and manufactured several novel power supply and magnetic products based on our customer's requirements. Our customer base includes branches of the military, DoD prime contractors and dozens of private enterprises.

We have the expertise and talent to meet your needs

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