Load Watcher I: Tank Measurement

The Load Watcher I automatically monitors the weight of a tank to determine the level of the internal liquid and reports the status to a host computer via modem at selected times. Reporting and polling times can be selected for any time of the day or night to minimize phone line interruptions during business hours.

The Load Watcher I remains in an idle mode to maximize battery life except during polling times. Tank levels are monitored during each polling time and calls are made to the host computer at selected levels. The default number of levels is four: full, half, one-quarter, and empty. The number of levels can be easily be changed more as well as the monitoring level.

Manual polling and reporting is a standard feature. The system can operate using four AA batteries or with an external wall plug. The host software can generate history reports and notify the customer or agent that a tank needs refilling.


  • Battery or wall plug operation
  • Monitors tank weights to 1000lbs
  • Simple installation
  • Reports to host computer via modem
  • Low cost
  • Variable reporting times
  • Multiple level thresholds for reporting
  • Non-intrusive


  • Restaurant mini-bulk liquid CO2 systems
  • Remote tank monitoring
  • Theaters, sports venues, seasonal usage of bulk liquid gasses
  • Verification of liquid gas delivery
  • Determine usage rate and manage inventory
  • Optimize dispatching of delivery vehicles
  • Verify billing charges
  • Avoid empty tanks and emergency fill charges