Smart Inventory Management System

Design Criteria, Inc. has developed a system for monitoring the weight of tanks containing liquids or solids. The system reports data to a host computer.

Our smart inventory mangament systems are remote monitoring devices that automatically measure the amount of liquid in sealed tanks 24 hours a day and automatically calls a host computer to report the status of the tank contents. A custom base will be inserted under the tank. The base is connected to a control box using a cable that is attached to the base. A link to the user's phone line is the only external connection the management system needs. Calling times can be selected by the user which will minimize phone line interruptions. Installation of the management system is transparent and simple and does not interrupt or affect the flow of liquid. Usage reports are generated by the host software. This information can be used to notify the customer or supplier that a tank needs refilling or to verify delivery of liquid. Monitoring services are also available from Design Criteria, Inc. for a monthly fee.


• 24 hour remote monitoring of tank contents
• Prevents runouts and emergency fill charges
• Verifies quantity of liquid gas delivery
• Verifies accuracy of CO2 billings
• Reports accurate CO2 usage
• Assures CO2 is available for peak business hours

Our Solution

• Non-intrusive method to determine inventory.
• Smart and automatic measurement method.
• Avoid costly RFID.
• Monitors sealed tanks to determine level of internal contents (gas,
liquid or solids).
• Data and history can be viewed from any internet location.
• Monitors level and consumption.
• Simple installation, powered by battery or wall plugin.
• Communication methods: Hardwire to computer, Wi-Fi, cellular
(3G), or LoRa connection.
• Base plate designed to meet customer specs


  • Sealed Oil and Grease Tanks
  • Restaurant mini-bulk CO2 systems
  • Determining usage rate
  • Verification of product delivery
  • Optimize dispatching of delivery vehicles
  • Avoid empty tanks and emergency fills
  • View information for Remote Tank Monitoring.



CO2 Watcher I



Our CO2 Watcher I is designed specifically for restaurants , theaters, sport venues, and seasonal usage of bulk liquid gases.

Our KnightWatcher product is an advanced monitoring system designed to apply to a broader range of applications. This product can accommodate large oil and sealed grease tanks for construction equipment.

Large Scale1

Additional Features

KnightWatcher can easily add the following features:

• Humidity monitor.
• Leakage monitor.
• Dispensing time.
• NEMA weather proof box for electronics.