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Metal Marshmallow Contact Mic
Can you hear that?

Metal Marshmallows are specifically designed to pick up sound waves traveling through solid objects

It has a wide-range of applications from audio amplification to scientific studies

Build & Design
Metal Marshmallow Capabillities
Can you hear that?

With this unique design the possibilities are endless. Marshmallows can pick up minute sounds that are impossible for the human ear to discern.

This video demonstrates how Metal Marshamllows can be used to pick up the sound of snow falling on glass.

Build & Design
Metal Marshmallow Pro
Can you hear that?

The most advanced contact mic to date.

The Metal Marshmallow Pro II has the capability to adjust the gain from 0 to 34 dB, is +48V phantom powered, and is available in a compact, portable size making it easier to transport.

Explore the Depths of Sound

Dive into the extraordinary world of Metal Marshmallow Contact Mics, where innovation meets sonic exploration. Our cutting-edge contact microphones redefine how you experience sound, turning ordinary into extraordinary.


Why Metal Marshmallow?

Unparalleled Sensitivity:

  • Experience the nuances of sound like never before. Metal Marshmallow's advanced technology captures the subtlest vibrations, revealing a hidden sonic universe.


Versatility Redefined:

  • Transform any surface into an instrument. From everyday objects to unconventional materials, Metal Marshmallow empowers you to explore and create a symphony of unique textures.


Professional Grade:

  • Elevate your audio production with Metal Marshmallow Pro. Designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike, our Pro series delivers premium sound quality and durability.
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