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Long Range Wireless Power Transmission

Design Criteria, Inc. (DCI) is developing innovative technology that will significantly improve the range of wireless power transmission (WPT) to provide more dependable operation and charging for mobile devices.  This technology will reduce the number of adapters, radically changing the way people live their lives, and afford a higher level of mobility and greater convenience.  Greater value will be added to mobile devices, personal electronics and other portable electronic equipment.  The proposed technology which already has a considerable amount of interest from various customers will have a direct impact on virtually all aspects of life. 

A designer and manufacturer of AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies and battery chargers is anxiously waiting for and seriously interested in DCI’s long range wireless power transmission concept to improve the quality and mobility of portable communication devices for medical personnel.  In the smartphone market, a customer desires to implement this novel WPT technology into their family of smartphones. 

A survey conducted by DCI indicated that more than 88% of the respondents want wireless power for mobile devices.  More than 60% of those surveyed would like wireless power to reach up to 26 feet.  Wireless power transmission systems on the market today require that a portable device be placed on a charging mat to receive energy to charge the battery.  DCI’s proposed game changing technology which is markedly different from the competition will transmit wireless power to several feet.  This technology will remove the need for a charging mat. 

Other benefits to long range wireless power transmission are that additional consumer electronics such as laptops, televisions, and audio equipment can be charged or receive direct power wirelessly allowing the consumer to place electronic equipment in most any location or direction and thereby reducing copper wiring as well as allowing greater flexibility.  Airports and public venues will be able to provide wireless power and reduce copper wiring.  Medical devices such as patient monitors and implantable devices using our proposed research technology will advance patient monitoring, telehealth monitoring and improve patient quality of life.

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