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Robust Power Electronics Products for Demanding Applications

Design Criteria is a small business innovation shop with a broad range of experience in designing and manufacturing exclusive high quality and reliable power electronics.  We have developed, tested and launched several state of the art products including a compact, high efficient power supply.  In addition, we DCI has developed SMART power supply technology.  Applications include military, industrial and medical power electronics.  Research is also being conducted in long range wireless power transmission using some unique concepts and circuits.

Design Criteria, Inc. has a wide range of expertise and experience in designing, prototyping and manufacturing all types of power electronics for military and industrial applications: AC/DC and DC/DC power supply (both high and low voltages).

We have developed high voltage modules that operate up to 28 kVDC and power levels to 5000 W for applications such as Klystrons, TWTs, and CRTs. High voltage modules and assemblies developed by Design Criteria are designed to minmize corona and to operate in high altitude as well as harsh environments. We can analyze and document the worst case performance characteristics in support of high reliability requirements. Our manufacturing conforms to IPC-A-610D, J-STD-001 and IPC-7711/IPC7721 and we are ITAR certified.  We design and manufacture for extreme solutions.