Carl Belnap

Mr. Belnap founded Design Criteria, Inc. in 1999 as an innovative, power electronics design and manufacturing firm.  He has a broad range of experience in power supply and magnetic design.

Mr. Belnap was responsible for the design and manufacture of a low noise power controller to shut down 120A of 8V power in less than 5 µseconds as well as several low power, off-line double ended forward converters for military applications. His magnetics designs reduced radiated emissions in the forward converters.

Carl has designed a 1000A inductor and many other custom magnetics, both planar and conventional, including a miniature transformer that was embedded in an eight pin dip and BGA integrated circuit (IC). He has also developed a self oscillating low voltage power supply with 2500 V isolation and a very low component count.

Through his innovative skills a 1 MHz power transformer for DC-DC converter applications was designed in which the power density is more the thirty times the state-of-the-art. Mr. Belnap was responsible for the development of a very fast switching, high efficient, 300V, 60A, solid-state power controller and current limiting power controller for a NASA space application and a 25 W, 10 KVDC DC-DC converter for an industrial application.

He designed the EMI filter for a 2500 W uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and oversaw the EMI testing. Mr. Belnap has designed several magnetic components for EMI filtering. Mr. Belnap also designed and marketed a remote weight monitoring system.

Publications by Carl Belnap

  • C. Belnap, Designing High Voltage Modularized Assemblies for High Altitude Environments, Proceedings of the Twenty-fourth Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (IECEC-89), 1989, Vol. 1, pages 429-433.
  • C. Belnap, J. Bowers, Advantages in the Development and Use of Mica Capacitors in High Voltage Power Supplies, Conference Record of the Twenty-fifth International Power Modulator Symposium and 2002 High Voltage Workshop, 2002

Awards and Honors

  • Chairman of 1995 High Voltage Workshop
  • Licensed professional engineer


MSEE Utah State University, Logan, Utah 1994
Thesis: Design and Modeling of an Interleave Boost Regulator

BSEE University Of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah 1982